Digital Internet Architect / Software developer

Company Name:
Automated Computer Services, Inc.
Must be EAD/GC/USC
Required Skill Set:
Multi-threaded application development experience
Strong SQL skills
Digital Internet Architect / Software developer with top-level skills in .NET 4.0, specifically WCF, .NET Remoting, C#, XML and latest related .NET technologies (xPath/xQuery/etc.), Linq, Windows Forms development, Windows Services development, ASP.NET Web Application development, and ASP.NET Web Service development.
Skills in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (data modeling, query/stored procedure design, implementation within .NET assemblies, database/query optimization) are required.
Familiar with the inner workings of the World Wide Web, from networking theory (demonstrable low-level knowledge of HTTP protocol and functionality), to the architecture of a web page (complete knowledge of the DOM), to the programmatic functionality of Internet Explorer versions 7 9+ (.NET and COM Interop with mshtml controls), and be comfortable retrieving, working with, modifying, and reassembling HTTP sessions, preferably at the TCP/IP packet level, but also (both manually and programmatically) with higher level tools like Fiddler.
Knowledge of Internet advertising/tracking techniques for all types of Internet advertising (especially rich media like Flash, video, streaming video, HTML 5) is a plus.
Knowledge of the UNIX/Linux environment is a plus, especially with respect to the technologies mentioned above.

Don't Be Fooled

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